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Why Recruiters Need an ATS Tools for Recruitment

ATS tools

Today, ATS tools for recruitment have become advanced with advancements in technology. Moreover, with the introduction of AI and cloud-based systems, recruitment for companies has become easy. Thus, applicant tracking systems carry out almost every section of work related to the company’s hiring process. From posting the vacancies across various websites to onboarding the candidates, ATS does it all.

In this blog, we will take you through multiple aspects of online ATS tools for hiring purposes. Also, we will look at the best four picks in the USA. So, let us move forward and understand what ATS tools for recruitment mean.

What do ATS tools for recruitment mean?

ATS tools for recruitment are tools made especially for hiring candidates. Companies use these tools to carry out most of the clerical work related to the hiring process of the company. Thus, it includes posting vacancies, sorting resumes, ranking candidates, parsing resumes, and other similar clerical work. Thus forming an important part of the hiring process. Further, let us take a look at some of the key features of these tools.

What are some key features of ATS tools for recruitment?

The use of ATS tools for recruitment goes back to the year 1970. ATS was introduced in 1970 for the first time, and during the 1980s, the use of ATS as a tool for managing resumes and resume parsing increased. With the introduction of the Internet in the 1990s, these applicant tracking systems could integrate with various online job boards like Monster.

So, the companies posted their vacancies on these boards, and the job seekers could find them. Most of the best ATS tools in the USA have the below-mentioned features:

The best ATS tools in the market can post vacancies on various sites on the Internet. So, you can post the vacancies within one click across the Internet. Not only this! The ATS tools for recruitment allow the recruiter to make a precise job post for posting around the Internet.

A good ATS software parses lengthy resumes and bulky applications into a short version. Thus, it contains only the needed information like name, educational qualification, working experience, skills, and other relevant points. Thus, it becomes easy for the recruiter to go through the resume and understand it.

Candidate screening is one of the most critical tasks in the hiring process of the company. Hence, ATS tools for recruitment make an ideal profile based on the job posting. Then, it compares the received applications with this ideal profile and screens the candidates. This helps the recruiter to make a correct choice. Moreover, the tool also communicates with the candidates and sends them emails accordingly.

These are some of the basic features of an ATS tool. Every ATS should have these. Further, let us talk about the benefits of ATS tools for recruitment.

How can these recruitment tools benefit recruiters?

Recruiting candidates can be one of the most tricky parts for any company. In such situations, the recruiter can leverage the following perks from an applicant tracking system tool:

  • The recruiter can easily save time by using an ATS tool for recruitment. Candidate recruitment is one of the most lengthy activities a company conducts. The ATS tool uses technology to do all the clerical work related to hiring candidates and saves time for the recruiter.
  • Also, the ATS tool centralizes all the candidate data in one place. This way, the recruiter can look at this data easily when needed. He need not search multiple places for candidate data.
  • Using ATS tools for recruitment helps in increasing the quality of hiring for the company, as every candidate’s resume goes through multiple rounds of checks and steps. This guarantees that only the best candidate is moving forward in the recruitment pipeline and will be recruited by the company.

Thus, these are some of the many perks that a recruiter can leverage with an ATS tool. Further, let us take a look at what the future holds for ATS recruitment.

ATS tools for recruitment: What does the future hold?

The future of applicant tracking systems is as bright as a shining star. Why? You might be wondering. Well, because there will be advancements in technology, the quality of these tools too will increase. This is how emerging trends will look for an ATS system:

Artificial intelligence and applicant tracking systems will hold a unique relationship in the future. AI is a beneficial thing that can be used for the sophistication of the software and for predicting the candidate’s behavior and loyalty.

Most of the ATS tools for recruitment will focus on improving the candidate experience. A study showed that 60% of the candidates rejected the job offer because of the bad candidate experience during the hiring process. Hence, it is crucial to improve the candidate experience.

Many ATS tools for recruitment will try their best to develop mobile-friendly software. Every recruiter wishes to be flexible nowadays. Hence, it is essential to build software with good mobile operations. So, the recruiter can use the mobile version of the software on the go.

The points mentioned above explain the future trends in an applicant tracking system. Further, let us take a look at the best picks in ATS tools for recruitment in the USA.

Which are the best ATS tools for recruitment in the USA?

We have brought you the best 4 ATS tools in the market. They are:

We are not exaggerating, but Pitch N Hire is the best ATS software in the USA. Why? This ATS is a one-stop solution to all your hiring needs. This ATS helps streamline the whole hiring process for the company. It creates, tracks, and manages job openings for the recruiter. Not only this! It also helps in acquiring talent in a hassle-free manner. This software will be the last update you need for your company’s hiring strategy.

Though there are no free trials or demos available, this ATS provider gives a custom price range for every user. It has efficient filtering for role-specific hiring of candidates that allows the recruiter to search for specific candidates in specific fields. This software is a cloud-based ATS with a user-friendly navigation system. Moreover, it has good-quality scoring and screening tools.

Manatal is one of the comprehensive ATS tools for recruitment in the USA. It has holistic candidate profiles with configurable searches. Also, this software has a robust AI-driven integration feature that allows it to integrate with almost every other software a company uses. It has a diverse third-party integration. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use software and needs as good as no orientation for using it.

Rippling is one of the most affordable ATS systems in the USA. It has multiple tools for recruitment. Moreover, it works on a per-employee basis. This means that price plans depend on the number of employees the company has, or the company is going to use it for. Moreover, it has custom screening questions, onboarding automation, and even payroll plus administrative benefits.


ATS has become an important part of the hiring process of most of the companies in the USA. More and more large and small companies are moving to ATS systems for hiring candidates. Moreover, this number is only going to increase as years pass by. Hence, it is important to choose the correct ATS tools for recruitment in your company.

Pitch N Hire is the best choice when it comes to ATS systems. It is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use ATS tools for recruitment in the USA. So, why wait? Take advantage and book a free demo today!


There are many ATS tools available in the USA. Some of the best tools for companies are Pitch N Hire, Recruitee, Breezy HR, Manatal, and Bamboo HR. 

Pitch N Hire is one of the best ATS tools for recruitment we use to source candidates from various platforms. This software has an extensive network with multiple platforms to source candidates from. This provides a variety of candidates.

The main difference between these two is the ambit. The ATS helps the recruiter in the overall recruitment of the candidate and carries out functions like job postings, candidate tracking, resume parsing, and similar. In comparison, a recruitment system goes beyond the hiring process and helps in other HR functions, too.

As soon as the recruiter enters the information related to the job vacancy, the applicant tracking system posts the job vacancy on various platforms across the Internet. Then, as the recruiter receives applications, the software scans, sorts, parses, and ranks them based on their compatibility with the job vacancy. Further, it also communicates the candidates for interview sessions and other formalities. This is how the recruiters use an ATS system for recruitment.

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